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About WILDFX - (Wild Effects)

WILDFX is a TICA registered all in-home hobby cattery and is located in York County Pennsylvania. Established in 2003, WILDFX started breeding Toyger cats before the breed was accepted for Championship status and has been recognized as a Founding Toyger Cattery by breed founder Judy Sugden.

The goal here at WILDFX is to develop and improve the Toyger breed by producing cats that are healthy, friendly and entertaining family pets that have amazing striking beauty unique to the Toyger Breed.

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WILDFX is a show cattery, breeding to the TICA Toyger Breed Standard and selecting for specific traits to further develop the Toyger Breed for outstanding pet companions and for show.

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WILDFX cattery is now partnered with ALISTSAVANNAHS cattery. Together we can offer you both Toyger and Savannah cats and kittens from award winning lines.

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WILDFX is a proud member of Toyger Cats USA, a dedicated group of responsible Toyger breeders working together to advance the Toyger Breed.


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WILDFX is a TICA registered cattery

Breeding and Showing top quality Toyger Cats since 2003